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Štiřínská stodola is located in the village Štiřín in a peaceful rural enviroment, surrounded by the beautiful hilly landscape called the Lada region.

Štiřín belongs to the village Kamenice located approximately 20 km southeast of Prague (the capital). Its location provides convenient availability of capital, as well as the possibility of various cultural and sporting activities.

Štiřín Chateau was built in the Baroque style is the historical landmark and is surrounded by English castle park. Today there is a hotel and a golf course.

Around the village Štiřín are several large ponds lying on the Kamenický brook, the largest one is Štiřínský pond and can be found north of the castle Štiřín.

Štiřínská stodola is located in a beautiful scenic landscapes, which together with the proximity and availability of the capital makes the ideal conditions for the active vacation for the guests.

There are some tips for trips, which you can take during your stay in Štiřínská stodola:

Historical and cultural attractions:
Štiřín Chateau - a baroque palace with statues from M. Braun. There is beautiful English park, which is partly used as a golf course.

Kamenice Castle - the original fortress from the 13th century was rebuilt in the 2nd half of 19th century as a representative residence in the New England Gothic style.

Konopiště (22 km) is one of the most famous Czech castle. Originally in Gothic style, through its history undergone many modifications. Castle became famous as the residence of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne Franz Ferdinand d'Este.

Castle Týnec nad Sázavou (13 km) was extended in the Gothic style to Romanesque rotunda from the late 11th century, which is one of the oldest building in Central Bohemia.

Zbořený Kostelec (15 km) ruined Gothic castle you can found on the promontory above the right bank of the river Sázava, near Týnec nad Sázavou.

Village Hrusice (15 km) - the birthplace and lifelong inspiration of the Czech illustrator and writer Josef Lada.

The tomb of Baron Ringhoffer and his family with a statue of the Crucified J. V. Myslbeka - architecturally valuable monument of the family, which greatly influenced the economic development of the region in the 19th century. Baron Ringhoffer founded the brewery in Velké Popovice.

Brewery Velké Popovice (3.5 km) was founded in 1874, its historical part was declared the national historical building. There is kept alive talisman - a black billy goat. The brewery offers individual and group tours.

Ondřejov Observatory (19km) - founded in 1898 by Josef Fric, today Astronomical Institute. Art Nouveau observatory are changed into museums, in the new observatory is located one of the largest telescope in  the Europe.

Sports facilities:
Around Štiřínská stodola are many cycling and hiking nature trails with a total length of 140 km.

​There are following suitable conditions for lovers of golf, tennis, water sport, horse riding and even skiing:
Skiing - Jílové near Prague (10 km) - 3 km long slope in the ski area Chotouň
Golf - the golf course directly at the Chateau Štiřín
Golf - in Kostelec u Křížků (3 km)
Horseback riding - in Petříkov (3 km), Skuheř (4 km) or Barochov (9.5 km)
Tennis, squash - tennis and squash hall and outdoor courts in Kostelec u Křížků (3 km)

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